Wolf Tattoos are very much in fashion these days. A lot of credit for the trend goes to Game of Thrones series and the much-loved direwolves of Sansa and Arya. But it’s not just that shallow. Wolf Tattoos are popular for many other reasons as well.

Wolf is a popular animal in the mythology. It has many legends associated with it. Wolves were especially popular in the American Continents. The Native American tribes placed wolves on a high pedestal.

Following qualities of the wolves are seen and admired by all the ancient tribes and their followers.

wolf tattoos

Strength: Wolves are seen to be very strong. They have wonderful fur that keeps them warm even in the harsh weather conditions. This perseverance for the adversity makes wolves a legend and an iconic animal. Wolves are also amongst the powerful beings that deal with the enemy with stealth and courage.

Intelligence: Wolves are extremely intelligent animals. They have the will and tactic to follow and eventually grab their prey. Similarly, when facing an enemy, they are tactful and artful in fights.

Social: Despite having the strong skills discussed above, wolves are often seen to exist in a group, commonly known as the pack of wolves. Wolves associate and look out for their group members. They also hunt collectively with a team effort.

Wolf Tattoo Meaning

Strength, courage, hard work, perseverance, companionship, family, devotion, masculinity, loyalty, honor, intelligence, tact

Wolf in Popular Culture

Wolves are also often depicted in the literature, art and films. We all remember the evil and cunning wolf in Little Red Riding Hood. Similarly, werewolves are also popular and were recently portrayed in the famous Vampire Movie Series Twilight. Most recently, the direwolves of Stark family have gained a lot of fame on the television. After these appearances, wolf tattoo trend has experienced a surge.

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