Gigi Hadid is a household name. And Bella Hadid instantly comes to mind as well. People who are well informed about the fashion world of America would also be familiar with a teenage boy with chiseled features and exotic looks who goes by the name of Anwer Hadid. Yes, all these are siblings and their killer looks are due to parents who came from very diverse genetic makeup. Mohamed Hadid was a Palestinian Immigrant while Yolanda was a Dutch immigrant. Both got together to produce this stunning lot of kids.

But, wait! There is another Hadid who deserves a mention in our fashion chronicles. And that is big sister Alana Hadid. Mohamed Hadid was previously married to Mary Butler. Their union produced two girls, Alana Hadid and Marielle Hadid. Alana Hadid is a superstar in her own right and she often gets overlooked due to the spotlight that her younger half-siblings get. Let’s appreciate Alana Hadid in today’s post!

Alana Hadid

When was Alana Hadid born? What is her age?

Alana was born on July 27th, 1985. So as of now, she is 33 years old.

Who are Alana Hadid’s parents? When did her parents split up?

She shares her father with Gigi and Bella Hadid. Mohamed Hadid is a successful real estate developer based in America. He attended North Carolina State University and MIT. His net worth is estimated to be $400 million. He also competed and represented Jordan in Winter Olympics 1992.

Her Mother is Mary Butler. She keeps a low profile, unlike the subsequent wives of Mohamed Hadid. The couple reportedly divorced in 1992.

Alana Hadid

Where did she grow up?

She originally belongs to the Washington D.C. But her childhood was mostly spent in Los Angeles California.

Alana Hadid

What is her educational background?

Alana Hadid moved to Australia and got higher education from there. She received her master’s degree from Bond University in International Relations and Diplomacy.

What does she do?

Just like the rest of the Hadids, fashion runs in her blood. In her own words,

“I love fashion, and I really love how fashion can give you your own voice without ever opening your mouth.” – Alana Hadid

She previously worked for the brand Curve. She now works as a personal stylist and shopper in the LA area. She has several of her own business ventures as well.

       Collaboration with Fifth and Ninth

Due to her creative genius, Alana Hadid has worked with Fifth and Ninth for creating an iPhone cover for the brand. The theme of the cases is ‘trendy and cool’, just like Alana.


        Hadid Eyewear

Hadid Eyewear

Taking inspiration from all that is around and embracing the booming entrepreneurial culture, Alana Hadid has collaborated with her father to launch her own brand of high-end eyewear. She has stated that she became interested in creating this brand due to her father because he is a major sunshades enthusiast and own many different kinds of sunshades. There are seven styles of the Hadid Eyewear and each one of them is inspired by each one of the family members.

5% of the net sales from this brand is donated to an NGO Vision of Children Foundation.

Alana Hadid

       La Detresse

This is another fashion/business venture by Alana Hadid and her former colleague from the Curve brand, Emily Perlstein. This brand produces denim fashion jackets that are known for their unisex designs.

       Current Moji

This brand was launched by Alana Hadid in 2015. It makes white t-shirts with sassy and hip emoji logos. At that time, Gigi Hadid had only 1 million followers but when she posed while wearing a t-shirt from Current Moji, she got a lot of orders and the brand took off.

What is the Family Life like?

Alana Hadid is very fond of her father and she appreciates him for the life that he has built despite having humble beginnings. Alana shares a very close bond with her older sister Marielle Hadid, who is a married woman with children of her own. She is also very close to her younger half-siblings are supports them unconditionally in their fashion career.

Hadid Family Tree:

hadid family tree


Did you know about this lesser known Hadid sister who is also a star in her own right? Well, now you do? Which part of her life inspires you? Let us know in comments!