Couture week has seen a strange measure of daywear, even daywear of the unadorned sort at Dior. Daywear is not what you go to Elie Saab’s high fashion show for. Consistent with frame, the Lebanese architect conveyed an event of dresses—enough for an entire period of affairs, weddings, and other rich events. Pomp wasn’t a long way from Saab’s brain; his show notes envisioned an anecdotal universe of “fallen lords, vanquished by a valiant and gallant sisterhood . . . splendid and overcome warrior queen they were, are, and perpetually will be.” Drama Game of Thrones when Sansa Stark, her coppery hair held set up by a shining bandeau headband, vanquishes them all at last. I know I’m pulling for her, and from the looks of it, so may Saab be. See the colors of Elie Saab collection of couture fall 2017 .Elie Saab collection Elie Saab collection Elie Saab collection Elie Saab collection Elie Saab collection

With one special case—an early look that consolidated pants, coat, and a prepare—Saab’s warrior queen wore floor-clearing outfits, many joined by coordinating capes. These are not garments for the fight to come, unless it’s quarry of a sentimental kind we’re discussing. There were grand velvets and silks, extravagantly weaved with gold string, and gentler, more youthful appearing mousselines and tulles that offered looks of tissue underneath. A portion of the bead work in Elie Saab collection recommended heraldry. Elie Saab collection Elie Saab collection Were those falcon’s wings or heavenly attendant’s chosen in sequins on the sheer bodice of a white outfit? The lady of the hour wore palest become flushed pink shined with gold sequins and a hooded cover that required two specialists in coordinating beaded pale redden pink dresses of their own.Elie Saab collection Elie Saab collection Elie Saab collection Elie Saab collection Elie Saab collection

Elie Saab‘s is a nostalgic perspective of female power dating to medieval circumstances, yet that could be the reason it stays alluring—on the runway and in the way of life. Who can oppose the tall tale? A brisk sweep of Instagram uncovers innumerable Sansa Stark fan pages. Winter is coming, women—get your dresses from Elie Saab collection fall couture!

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