In the olden days, women rarely showed hair. But times changed. And it became fashionable to wear hair in different styles. Princess Diana and Duchess Catherine are known to have stunning and beautiful hairstyles. But to keep the traditions alive, the Royal family encourages the women to wear hats. And this sets the royals apart from the commoners. The wedding invitations explicitly say that wearing a hat is a must at the occasion. And we have complied some of the best and worst royal wedding hat collection.

Best Royal Wedding Hats

royal wedding hats

 Kitty Spencer

Princess Diana’s niece Kitty Spencer is a stunner and quite fashion forward. She turned many heads with her beautiful green attire. And her hat was definitely a winner. Her royal wedding hat was designed by Philip Tracy and it looked perfect with the Dolce and Gabana dress.

  Amal Clooney

Amal Clooney’s unfaltering fashion sense made waves on the wedding of Meghan and Harry. Her uniquely yellow dress was eye-catching and set her apart from the rest. The hat was from Stephen Jones are matched the tone of the dress.

Kate Middleton

Duchess Kate middleton’s look was subtle but elegant. She rightly dressed to not steal the thunder of the bride and yet look chic. Her hat designed by Philip Tracy with a bunch of cream flowers was gorgeous and totally complimented her personality.

 Worst Royal Wedding Hats

Royal wedding hats

  Zara Tindal

This is one of the hats that we certainly didn’t want much of on our screens. Zara Tindall, who’s pregnant, wore a big wedding fascinator. It covered most of her forehead and really was looked like a hinderance. The dark colour didn’t help either.

Camilla Parker

The choice of colour for the dress was remarkable. It looked lovely. But the hat got mixed reviews. Some praised it for its size and style. Others disliked if for the same reasons. It didn’t do something for us either. What do you think? This controversial hat was also designed by Philip Tracey.

Princess Beatrice

Everyone remembers Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie’s royal wedding fascinators at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The huge and distasteful hats made the princesses talk of the town and subject of memes. And this time around, the princess has taken to the other extreme. They have kept it low profile. And it didn’t work either. Their fascinators were overshadowed by those of the many fashionable ladies that attended the wedding.


Choosing the right hat for the wedding or the perfect wedding fascinator is a tricky job. If if done right, it can greatly enhance your style!

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