Rose is a popular tattoo and it is used in many ways. Some tattoo artists make elaborate and intense tattoos with roses. Others go for a simplistic rose depiction that looks classy and elegant. These options and the versatility of rose makes rose tattoos a popular option amongst the tattoo enthusiast.

Rose has been associated with symbolism for hundreds of years. The ancient greeks associated the Rose with the goddesses Venus and Aphrodite. Hence, Rose has gained and maintained a significant position in the Greek mythology.

Rose Tattoos

In the modern era, roses are very meaningful in romantic settings. They are used all the time to convey complex feelings of love without the use of words. Roses have also captured the market of weddings tremendously as they are often the first choice of the bride and groom.

All these reasons make rose popular in the world of tattoos as well. Rose tattoos are especially used by the women and girls as roses are closer to the femininity than any other thing. And women love to decorate their bodies with flowers all the time.

Rose Color Meanings

Rose is a very beautiful flower. But it is also very complex. The symbolism related to rose is deep. The meaning of rose also depends on the color of the rose.

Yellow: Yellow represents joy, spirit and fun.

White: White rose tattoo shows innocence, simplicity, purity. White rose is often associated with spirituality as well.

Red: Red shows deep love and passion for something or someone. It can also mean desire and longing for someone special.

Pink: Pink shoes affection, grateful attitude. Pink roses and their tattoos also signify elegance and grace.

Blue: Blue color rose implies something that very desirable but at the same time very hard to achieve.

Black: Black rose is said to be an extension of the dark red rose. And the black rose is linked to the death of a person or an idea.

Elaborate Rose Tattoos

Korean Rose Tattoos Rose tattoos

Minimal Rose Tattoos

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