Mountain tattoos look stunning and exotic. They are like a breath of fresh air amongst all the common tattoos of flowers and symbols and text that we see all the time. Once in awhile, you get to see a person sporting a mountain tattoo.

Mountain Tattoo

What does a Mountain Tattoo mean?

Tattoos generally mean whatever their wearer wants them to mean. That is why mountain tattoo can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Some of the interpretations that are found are

  1. Mountain means strength and courage. Many people get a mountain tattoo when they achieve something significant in their lives after going through a lot of struggle and using their strength.
  2. Mountain tattoo can signify a special place or a mountain that a tattoo wearer has a special attachment to.For example, people get swiss alps drawn on their bodies as the terrien means something special to them.
  3. Mountain tattoo are often a favorite of trekkers and mountaineers. They live and breathe mountains and hence they want to be stamped mountains as well. Many travelers and adventurers also like Mountain tattoos as they depict a major passion.
  4. It can signify love of nature and surroundings. Many people get scenic tattoos made. They get animals incorporated as well. This is done by people who are very close to the nature and find a lot of pleasure in it.

We have compiled the most beautiful and inspiring mountain tattoos for you. There are many kinds. Some people like beautifully colored ones. Other go for minimal mountain tattoos. Others like wilderness and mountains. Check out the wide variety below!

Colored Mountain Tattoo


Abstract Mountain Tattoo

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Minimal Mountain Tattoo

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Got my first little ink done yesterday by my homeboy @jesse_schijndel at his shop @kapitaaltattoo. Go check out his work, he creates some unbelievable masterpieces. ▪ This little mountain refers to a crazy hike that me, jesse and our friend @rubenboshart once had somewhere in Austria. As the idiots we are, we came severely underprepared for the weather conditions and the knee high meltwater that came running down the path. We ended up having to climb through an ice cold waterfall in our underwear to keep our clothes dry. We really felt like Bear Grylls there for a moment. Afterward we really had to turn up the pace, mainly to keep ourselves from freezing, but also because we had been moving with a snail pace and it was looking like we weren't gonna make it back before dark. In which case we'd have been fucked. Luckily we found a broad path soon after that could take us back down, and in the end we could all laugh about our own stupidity. On the way back we passed by two memorial signs of people who had died there. Crazy experience. ▪ #mountain #mountaintattoo #tattoo #tattooed #ink #inked #inkedup #outdoor #outdoors #nature #hike #hiking #hikingadventures #waterfall #survival #experience #goodtimes #memories #story #storytime

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Landscape Tattoo

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Wildlife Mountain Tattoo


Which tattoo did you like the best? Which tattoo would you want to get? Let us know in comments!

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