Not everyone can afford fashion designers and haute couture for everyday styling and fashion. But being fashion forward means finding ways to stay fashionable and stylish by overspending. And thank God for some high street brands that are making it easy for the many fashionistas out there. These brands do not cost a fortune and can make you look uber chic!
Best High Street BrandsHigh Street Brands
Every now and then when I see Amal Clooney, I cannot but appreciate her sense of style. Her clothes and taste perfectly complement her slender figure and the result is splendid. But as soon as I find out the designer labels with the sky-high prices, my enthusiasm to follow her style declines. But recently, I came across a High Street brand that has very similar ethos as those of top notch designers and that is Mango.
Mango is simple, elegant, sleek. The colours are solid and the cuts are even more solid.
If you buy Mango, you will feel a class apart with the stunning designs.
Sometimes, you are not looking for elegant and sophisticated. Sometimes you are looking for funky and boho. Sometimes you look for something fresh in high street fashion. And that is when I head off to Anthropologie. The high street brand caters to mature women on 30 to 45 age bracket. The colours are bold and the cuts are stylish, chic and boho. If you’re looking for a long maxi and a pair of eccentric earrings, go to Anthropologie.
If you want to dip into British fashion and yet feel unique, Accessorize is the way to go. It is primarily a brand that sells cute and girly accessories ranging from Backpacks to anklets. But they also have clothing available and it is all inspired by the crafts and artisans of Asia. The dresses are a mix of east and west, hence you will find many cute blouses with colorful designs reflecting creativity of faraway lands.
Marks and SpencerHigh Street Brands
Some people like to keep it traditional and do not really dwell into experimental and fun dressing. If you are one of them then Marks and Spencer is the way to go. The style is mellow and keeping up with the values. You wouldn’t turn many heads. Women can find simple knitted cardigans in hues like grey, black and blues. The prices are affordable and the taste is very British in nature. If you are looking for trying something flashy, Marks and Spencer is not the place.
Forever 21
If you are short on cash but do not want to compromise on your style, go and shop from Forever 21. The shop’s prices are very reasonable and the designs are very chic and up-to-date. Sometimes the designs look like being inspired from haute couture designers, but nothing to complain as getting all the pretty stuff at affordable pricing is a big catch in itself. But be careful while shopping, the quality is not always the best.
On your next shopping spree, keep these shops in mind and you will be happy with your shopping results!

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