Flower tattoos are very popular with the ladies. Many women love to get their body marked with beautiful flowers as they enhance the beauty to a great degree. And all women want their bodies to become like gardens, so this makes sense!

Flowers tattoos meanings

Tattoos signify something for the wearer. The meaning of a flower tattoo depends upon the flower in the tattoo and since there are so many different kinds of flowers, there are just as many kinds of meanings as well.

Cherry blossom: Empathy, mortality, beauty, fragility

Daffodils: Faith, forgiveness, affinity for truth.

Lily: Virginity, purity, femininity

Orchid: Bravery, fertility, prosperity

Red rose: Beauty, love.

Yellow rose: Joy, friendship.

Peony: Elegance and wealth.

Elaborate Flower Tattoos

Some people go for elaborate tattoos. And in the genre of flowers, elaborate tattoos look amazing. The tattoo garden can look stunning, of course, it depends upon the choice of the maker and the client. But most of the times, if you are with an experienced tattoo maker, you cannot go wrong with flowers. Other elaborate designs like tribal inspired tattoos can get out of fashion. But we all know that flowers never get out of fashion!

Flower Tattoos

Flower Tattoos Flower Tattoos

Flower Tattoos Flower Tattoos

Minimal Flower Tattoos

Women who are more inclined towards their own femininity are more likely to go for minimal flower tattoos. And we have to admit that these minimal tattoos look absolutely amazing. Even with little ink and small design, the minimal tattoos have the power of delivering deep meaning. Minimal tattoos are great for people who are kinda unsure if they should get a tattoo or not. And the best part is that removing a minimal tattoo is also not that hard, as compared to the elaborate tattoos.

Flower Tattoos

Colored flower tattoos

Colors can add life to the flower tattoos. If you compare colored and non-colored tattoos, you will see that there is a great deal of vibrancy about the colored tattoos. They look full of life and add a joyful character to your existence. No matter if your tattoo is small or large, elaborate or minimal, a dash of color can make it alive!

flower tattoos

flower tattoos flower tattoos


Which of these flower tattoos do you like the best? Let us know in comments!

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