Time spares no one. We all are getting older by the second. For fashion-forward women who turn forty, things are not quite the same as a decade ago. Flaunting cleavage, wearing miniskirts or going for skimpy bikinis is not really the option. Even for the fitness freaks out there, aging shows its colors on the skin and features. But the situation is not bad at all. Today, being forty can be easily managed and one can stay very much in style regardless of the age- which is just a number. Fashion for over 40 is not hard and it has been proved by some stunning divas who keep on inspiring us by their impeccable style!

Celebrities who are nailing Fashion for over 40

Amal Clooney

Among many other things, Amal Clooney is a fashion icon! She is extremely stylish. Her style is a mix of sophistication, elegance, and playfulness. She is the ultimate example of beauty with brains. Even her superstar husband pales in comparison. She always looks stunning whether she is addressing the UN or attending a Film Premiere.

fashion for over 40

Tip: The main tip that we have retrieved from her style is that around forty, stay classy, do not show a lot of skin, do not over do!

Salma Hayek

Married to the Megalomaniac François-Henri Pinault and a successful movie style in her own right, Salma Hayek has got it all. Her husband controls the major fashion houses like Alexandra McQueen and Gucci. Since her marriage, the style sense of Salma has increased manifolds.

Salma Hayek is a woman not like others, she is not obsessed with being stick thin. Instead, she is a voluptuous woman who knows how to flaunt her curves in a sexy way. She is often seen wearing dresses that have a narrow waist. Hence, we see her tiny waist in comparison to the big chest. And her figure, even after reaching a mature age, looks flawless and perfect for her age.

Tip: The main tip that we have retrieved from her style is that wear according to your physical features. Enhance your strengths and wear dresses that balance out your body. And age gracefully!

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones made her way into the movies in the 90s. She made waves with the movie The Mask of Zorro. After that, she had a dwindling career but her sense of style is not dwindling at all. She is always seen in top-notch style.

fashion for over 40.

She is seen wearing high waist and wide leg pants. These pants highlight her long sexy legs. She often wears dresses that show off her broad and ravishing collar bones. Her long hair complements her style.

Tip: The main tip that we caught from her is that instead of showing off the cleavage, show off the collar bones and long legs!


We have got great tips from these amazing style divas! What is your favorite one and if you have a tip for maintaining style after 40, leave in comments!

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