You must have seen this beautiful girl with perfect body measurements on some magazine cover or in a social media post. The perfect curves on a slender body are hard to miss. Elisa Meliani is the kind of woman that men fantasize about and women envy! Know all about the stunner and also Elisa Meliani’s origin.

About Elisa Meliani

Early Life

Elisa Meliani was born on November 11, 1989, in the city of Paris. She lived her early years in the French capital and no wonder she has turned out to be such a Parisian beauty. In the 2000s she was spotted by American Modeling agencies. And there is no looking back since then.

Modeling Career

Elisa Meliani began her modeling career in the early 2000s. She appeared on the cover of many fashion and lifestyle magazines like Playboy and Treats.

Her shoot for the magazine Treats! gained a lot of media attention. This is because it was highly sensual blended with modern trends of photography. The model’s flawless body was a perfect fit for the photographer David Bellemere’s creativity. While licking a red lollypop, sitting wearing almost nothing, her chest covered with only the arms, flaunting her curves in suggestive poses, the French beauty coupled with American artistic genius created stunning imagery that made a lot of waves in the fashion and beauty industry.

She later gained a lot of attention in the modeling industry again when she appeared in the sexy lingerie campaign of Aubade. Although she was faceless in the adverts and images, adorning the stunning pieces of lingerie, she was noticed by many important people in the industry.

She also appeared nude in the Playboy with her sensational body and seemed like a perfect part of the publication.

Worldwide recognition

Elisa Meliani gained worldwide recognition through a very fortunate and unexpected event. A photo of a girl lying on a horse in a rather seductive pose was posted by Kendall Jenner. The monochrome image quickly became viral on Instagram was garnered 1.3 million likes. Kendall Jenner had not posted the name of the model or the credits for the photo. Many people thought that it was Kendall herself. But later the comments revealed that it was none other than the French beauty Elisa Meliani. It sparked a buzz in the United States, where Kendall Jenner had been accused of using the image without specifying that she was not the model.

Later that year, Elisa Meliani was invited to talk about her work, life, and newfound fame through Kendall Jenner’s Instagram post in the show Grand Journal. Elisa Meliani said that she was “very happy because it created a buzz”. She actually seemed thankful to Kendall Jenner for posting it.

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Personal Life

Everyone wants a model on their arm but only a few are successful of courting a beautiful angelic model. Elisa Meliani is a dream girl for many. But who does she associate with? The beautiful girl is the girlfriend of a very successful comedian Gad Elmaleh of Morrocan origin who has gained a lot of recognition for his work in France.  Gad Elmaleh has been in multiple relationships but all were ill-fated. He has two children from his previous liaisons. He has been dating Elisa Meliani since 2015. The model is 19 years his junior. But clearly age is not an issue when two brilliant and successful people are in love, Gad Elmaleh stated that he fell in love with Elisa Meliani as soon as he laid eyes on her. And they have been together ever since.

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Instagram Fame

Elisa Meliani is very popular on Instagram. She has been posting images on Instagram since 2012 but she gained a worldwide following since the Kendall Jenner incident. She has a healthy 181 thousand followers on Instagram. She often posts images of her daily life whilst flaunting her impressive body. She is the perfect example of the Parisian lifestyle and fashion.

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She is also an ardent traveler. Her Instagram is a proof that she loves exploring around and has been to many countries like Sri Lanka, Portugal, and Indonesia

She sponsors posts for many brands on her Instagram.

She is a believer in free the nipple movement.

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Trivia facts

Height: 176 cm – 5’9 ”

Weight: 50 kg – 111 lbs

Chest: 88 cm – 35 ”

Size: 60 cm – 24 ”

Hips: 88 cm – 35 ”

Size: 39

Eyes: Hazelnut

Hair: Brown

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